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Ultimate chastity device review and cbt device review
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chastity device cb6000

It took a while, but here it is.

The CB6000, probably the biggest name in mass manufactured chastity devices. I have wanted to try out this device since I started blogging about devices.

In the kit was a embossed carry case that has a zipper along the top with CB6000 in big white letters, the chastity device itself, a brass padlock with one key, five numbered plastic locks for travel, four spacers including the one attached to the cage, four locking pins and five rings all varying in size (from one and a half inches to two inches).

The kits can be bought in two different sizes: the CB6000 and the CB6000s. The “S” version has a smaller cage (two and a half inches by one inch and three eighths of an inch). The cage I bought was clear and made from “sturdy yet lightweight polycarbonate”, but it can also be purchased in Chrome , Wood and Camo. They are all a part of the CB6000 designer line.

I enjoyed wearing this device for the six week duration (longest time in any one device) as it really was a great fit. I was worried that it was not going to be big enough at first as I had worn The Curve in the past and that seemed to be a good fit. I did not completely fill the Curve but it was a comfortable fit nonetheless. That said, the CB6000 was a very tight fit and really cradles your cock like Stockroom says and I kind of liked that about it. My wife had told me before buying it that when she has me in chastity I was supposed to be completely restricted, and that it was going to be tight, the tighter was better. I guess with this devices she really got what she wanted.

Like with all the devices I have worn in the past, I was waking up early morning with a penis that really wanted to be erect but couldn’t due to the fact it was lock by its new force field. HA. But I have to say it was a lot less pressure and discomfort than The Bird locked which left me having to take off the device. I only took off the CB6K to apply lube (only happened a few times) and when my wife wanted me to

Which brings me to the tease and denial aspect of having a sadistic wife that has you locked. She would tickle me with a feather all around the balls and the inner thigh trying to get me hard. Use a Q-tip to tease me through the ventilation and urination hole. Put the device in her mouth and all kinds of other wicked things to get me aroused. The tease and denial was way worse than morning wood as I could not control it. Usually if I wake up and I am uncomfortable I would walk to the kitchen and make a drink or just generally walk it off. Or taking a pee would help also. But when she would tease me, I thought I was going to burst out of the thing. Or split it open (I have heard that the CB6K was known to do that) and have to repair it. She really put me through the ringer with the CB6K more than she had with any other device. Which I think it is because she had heard about the devices splitting at the seems and she wanted to push its boundaries, and mine. EVIL !

By week two day one, I had noticed some chafing on my balls, in between the cage and the ring. This is when I started to modify the device, being quite handy and having access to a plethora of tools, I made my CB6000 exactly how I wanted it. No sharp edges or lips on the rings or the device. Which made the rest of my stay in the CB6K all the more enjoyable.

The holes on the side and at the bottom of CB6K were really great for ventilation and peeing. I also would squeeze lube down the holes on the sides if it started to get uncomfortable inside the cage, which did not happen to often as you sweat and provide a natural lubrication.

The nifty five plastic locks are used for when you need to travel while wearing the device, they can only be used once and have a serial number on the lock. So your key holder will know if you decide to take it off when you are not supposed to. I did not have to travel, but it is handy to know that if you are planning a business trip or vacation, you do not have to take it off to go through the airport metal detectors.

The device is extremely discreet and you can barely notice that you are wearing it under clothing.

It is recommended to use silicone lubricant when wearing the CB6K after showering, while wearing and before taking the device off. This will prevent chafing. I always use Kama Sutra as a silicone lubricant. (Its a awesome Lube)




Mikes Spikes

cbt device mikes spikes


Ahhhh Mike’s Spikes. Truly a medieval cock torturing device and can be purchased with either blunt or sharp spikes. It has a highly polished or chrome finish which is very aesthetically appealing, but don’t let the shiny device fool you in to thinking it is not devious in its nature.

Mike’s Spikes can be used in a number of ways: As a chastity device if you use a small padlock, a cbt device with two choices of spikes or a ball stretcher/torturer. I’m yet to try it as a chastity device or a ball stretcher/torturer, but I have used it for cbt with both the blunt and sharp spikes. The Spikes are extra sharp and are fully adjustable and removable with a allen key that is not included in the price.

When using it to self cbt I like to start off with just a few (Maybe six to eight) spikes and surrounding the entire girth of the penis and letting the weight of the device hang and drag on the spikes before entering or adjusting the rest. Mike’s Spikes can also be used in combination with the any electro wand (I use the Neon Wand) as the device is completely conductive.

I think the longest I stayed in the device was about 2 hours where my wife and her Domme friend (which was a first for my wife to bring anyone else in to our play, I think it was because she fell in love with it and wanted to share the experience with her best friend, AWESOME!!). They both tortured me none stop and I think by the look on their faces they had a lot of fun with it.

Pick up a Mike’s Spikes today and see what trouble you can get your self into. The opportunities are endless.

Always remember to play safe.




The Thrice Screwed Cock Ring


cbt device thrice screwed cock ring

The Thrice Screwed Cock Ring is a 3 ringed, steel cock and ball trap that is a handcrafted steel sex toy that will not tarnish it literally screws into the penis to keep it in place.

I know it is not a chastity device but I think this product deserves front page status!!!

Im am in the process of wearing the CB6K and will be writing about it SOON!!!

I brought this device a few days ago from our friends at SexandMetal. A lot like the Screwed Cock Ring only with a little twist. Your balls fit between the middle and largest ring positioned at the bottom. The cock goes through the upper ring and the middle ring, there is three nuts where SexandMetal‘s infamous ”thumb screws” hold the cock in position.

So the Balls dangle somewhat freely between the middle and bottom ring leaving a open target (Great for ball busting) and the cock is held by the three thumb screw between the middle and top ring. I want you to think about that for a moment. Now when you are flaccid it is fine, you can pretty much just screw into a floppy cock, no problem. But when erect, its a totally different ball game (no pun intended)

My wife had A LOT of fun torturing me in this device, with our new Neon Wand, canes, oral and of course screwing the thumb screws in. My favorite was the neon wand as all of the device is conductive and when using the contact probe it was pretty brutal but *shockingly* mind-blowing at the same time !!

We used a lot of lube because the thumb screws catch and pinch the cocks skin when screwing out and in. I would say this is a must. We always use Kama Sutra Pleasure Potion I just like that brand.


Ultimate Chastity


The Birdlocked Silicone Chastity Device

the bird locked silicone chastity device

The Bird Lock is a one-piece sheath and made of medical-grade Silicone which has a ring that is available in three different sizes all of which can only be purchased in clear.

The chastity device was made to use for extended periods of time and has seven holes that are great for ventilation, lubricating and urinating. The flexible silicone is supposed to “move and shift with the genitals preventing from pinching”. I had one issue that I was able to resolve.

After wearing The Bird Lock for one week, my first impression was that it was more comfortable than The Curve. I really like the feel of the silicone *especially* after applying lube. Which I did several times a day.

It was difficult to get on the first time but after a lot of lube and effort on mine and my wife’s part we managed to get it all in eventually. Once I was locked and in the device for several hours I was experiencing a burning or fiction feeling to the under part of the ball sack which was really kind of uncomfortable but I resolved the problem with more lube.

Morning wood.

I had to take it off around 5 o’clock every morning as the built up pressure was to much for me to handle. With The Curve I did not have this problem as it was little more spacious and when mother nature called she kind of came and went again with no pain and or severe pressure build up.

I did change out the metal lock for something a little more discrete which I picked up from my local hardware store. Another option for a less obtrusive lock could be the Serial numbered plastic locks ( I have not used these myself but I saw that people have purchased both items from the store).

You should use water based lube with this product. Silicone lube and silicone products are not supposed simultaneously, I did not know this until some one pointed it out to me. As it turns out they were right. Opps :/




The Curve

ultimate chastity the curve large chastity devices


The Curve Chastity Kit is a clear, polycarbonate male chastity device. The Curve Cage (also available on it’s own) is compaitble with the rings from the CB6000 and CB6000S. The curved, natural shape helped me maintain the utmost discretion when worn under my clothes. Open slots throughout the case enable easy cleaning and the ability to maintain excellent hygiene.

I used Kama Sutra Pleasure Potion, and I found that it worked great.

Cage Inside Length is 3.75in(9.5cm)

Cage Inside Diameter is 1.5in(3.8cm)

• Weight .130lbs(2.10oz)

• Made of Polycarbonate

• Available in Clear


___Sex and Metal Spiked Cock Rings___

sex and metal cbt devices spiked cock ring

These handcrafted powder coated raw-steel cock rings offer an unusual twist on cock and ball torture.

Available Colors:

• Steel

• Red


• 1.75in./4.44cm

• 2in./5.08cm

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